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Our cattery garden

I can't believe how beautiful the cattery garden is now looking. The Foxgloves returned and look just beautiful and all the roses are starting to bloom, all scented and very pretty. The Lavender is getting tall and bushing out, can't wait for that to bloom. The bees are in love with the ceanothus which looks fabulous this year.

Such a relaxing space to sit and watch the cats.

The silver birch has settled in and is growing lovely and the Eucalyptus is growing well, I need to keep that in check or it could get huge. I just love the rounded shape of its leaves.

You can see at the back here how the Sambucus 'Chocolate Marzipan' has grown, and also the Sambucus 'Black Lace' with the pink flowers to the left of the photo. The Cotoneaster 'Cornubia' has also shot up and seems happy where it is. I'm so pleased to see all the little birds now visiting the garden.

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