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Summer is almost here!

Just a quick update. The David Austin bare root roses we planted are looking healthy and have started to grow nicely. The silver birch is coming into leaf, the sweet peas are bushing out and the chilean potato plant is flowering. My Eucalyptus tree survived being replanted in the raised bed, I'm so happy this is now in it's forever home as I've nearly killed it twice and I absolutely love the shape of its leaves. I am excited to see how the lavender grows over the next few months, this should look amazing and attract bees and beneficial insects into the garden. My indoor grown chilli peppers have got tall and are now flowering and so I've decided to grow more from seed, these have germinated nicely and I have a variety including Targu Mures, Carolina Reaper and Red Peter Pepper. Big Yellow Mama is being particularly slow to germinate this time round.

The beetroot is looking healthy, although I mainly just grow this for the leaves as my rabbit, Maui, loves them! The foxgloves should flower this year as I grew them from seed last year and I have a lot of Zinnia, Antirrhinums and Cosmos to plant as they did exceptionally well last year, although for Cosmos I have gone for multi coloured blooms rather than all white. I only got two marigolds to germinate, not sure what happened to the rest and I had no luck with the bamboo seeds sadly, but I do have some lovely tall red sunflowers that are also growing nicely. The fatsia Japonica has struggled in the wind and frost and the fountain is calm as there is no sun for it to rain, the cats in the cattery love watching the fountain when it is flowing. Birds and wildlife are slowly coming into the garden and I'm looking forward to seeing even more this Summer.

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