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My Chilli Peppers are growing!

I am so excited to see my chilli peppers growing so well. After last year, when I thought I was growing Carolina Reapers but they all turned out to be 'Basket of Fire' I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, they were great chillis and very hot, but not what I thought I was growing! This year, I have an obvious variety!

The Sugar Rush Peach seems to be the quickest growing pepper, followed by Padron and then Red Peter Pepper (this was more of a curiosity because of how they look). Peter peppers are comparable to jalapeno peppers in flavour, with a vegetal taste, though they can be fruitier and can be quite a bit hotter. Unfortunately, my Carolina Reapers have yet to flower.

The flavour of Sugar Rush Peach peppers is, of course, sweet. It also has a very fresh, slightly vegetal flavour, they are also quite spicy.

Padron Chilli Peppers are the variety traditionally used in Spanish tapas. They are used whilst green & immature and are very mild, however, 1 in 10 may be hot.

Personally, I don't enjoy spicy food, I just love growing the chillis and watching other people suffer from the heat of them...

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