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Blooming roses

Back in March I bought some bare root roses from David Austin. The ground was well prepped, the roses were all planted, fed and watered. Whilst waiting for the roses to grow, I planted my seed grown chilli peppers out in the vegetable bed, along with sweetcorn (all four of them!), French beans, maybe one too many of those, they are heading for the sky and have already outgrown their supports, beetroot which I grow mainly for the rabbit as he loves the leaves, although I do enjoy beetroot, along with a few giant sunflowers and the rest of the lobelia that haven't really done very much. Now we are in July, I am pleased to say that the roses are finally in bloom They are beautiful and smell absolutely divine, I do love strongly scented roses. My favourite Rose is the beautiful pink Getrude Jekyll, it looks and smells amazing.

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