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Progress at last

We have been busy these last few days giving part of the cattery garden a makeover, it definitely needed some care and attention.

We started off by weeding the area, although it only looked like a small space, it was actually quite time consuming. We did get distracted by having to move two tonne of soil that was unexpectedly delivered, but we were grateful it wasn't raining.

Our next job was cutting the sleepers to size for the pathway to the shed. Jay found some dry sleepers we had wrapped up and I went to search the sheds for a saw which, typically, hadn't been put back in the right place so took a while to find.

Once the sleepers were in place, we had the task of laying weed fabric and pinning it down, carefully cutting round the laurel and newly laid sleepers. At least now we could get out of the mud!

To finish our makeover, we spread the bark over the top of the fabric. I love this bit, I think it finishes off the area. We still have some shrubs we bought to plant, but that can be done another day. Im really happy with how it turned out. Time for a cup of tea!

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