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Another day in the garden

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Plants in raised bed and a decked seating area
Decking and raised bed

Sunday, I felt like I needed a day off but the sun lured me outside. There is still a variety of tasks to be done in the cattery garden but seeing as the sun was out, I decided to paint the raised bed. The paint I used was left over from painting the rabbit shed, Silver Birch by Cuprinol Shades. I love it. I had bought the same colour in a decking paint but decided against it and have ordered some decking oil in a more natural colour instead. Blame it on being a Gemini, I do change my mind quite a bit. Jay worked on finishing the area around the back and side of the shed, which meant we had to move the chicken coop and various pots and trays. All in all, it was a productive day and the area looks much neater, roll on tomorrow so I can oil the decking.

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