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The cattery garden is in bloom again!

The roses are going wild and smell absolutely beautiful! The rose arch will likely be changed at the end of the season and rebuilt taller and wider in wood to give more space to walk under. I just didn't have the heart to cut the roses and honeysuckle whilst they are coming into bloom.

The lovely blue ceanothus has grown really well and is buzzing with bees, and the Lupins are doing amazing, especially as they were totally destroyed by aphids last year.

The Sambucus are looking bigger and stronger too this year, especially the chocolate marzipan variety near the fence.

I did go a bit overboard with the climbing purple French Beans 'Blauhilde' and Dwarf Beans, every single seed grew so I had over 80 plants, whereas only 6 of the sweetcorn grew. The Blauhilde can grow up to 9' tall and the beans can reach up to 11" long, so I'm excited to see how these grow. I have literally just sown seeds of fennel and cucumber, first time growing these although I did have great success with courgettes a couple of years ago. The Cosmos flower seeds all took really well, so they will be planted all over the garden, I was a bit late with the Marigolds, Helichrysum and Zinnias but they are also doing well in the greenhouse along with some cos lettuce.

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