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Pancytopenia and Cat Food Recall

The above link will take you to The RVC website where you can learn more about Pancytopenia. At present, the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) is aware of 443 cats that have been affected by Pancytopenia so far this year. Of these there was 64% mortality at time of reporting.

NB. This data probably represents only a percentage of cases, as many cats may not be presented to a veterinary practice and/or investigated by a vet.

Only a small percentage of the vets in the UK are actively reporting to the RVC at this time.

Considering only 1-2 cases are usually thought to be reported per month, this is incredibly worrying. If your cat has been eating one of the recalled cat foods, please seek advice urgently from your vet.

Please see the link below which lists all the recalled cat foods in detail:

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