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Salem's first health check

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Little Salem has been with us for a week now so I thought it would be a good idea for him to visit my vet for a health check.

Cat laying on cushion
Salem relaxing

Salem had no worries going into his new Catit Cabrio travel carrier and was strapped safely into the car.

The vet thought Salem was lovely and took him from my car into the surgery for his health check.

Unfortunately, when the vet returned Salem to the car it was not all good news. The vet advised us that Salem has a heart murmur. We were obviously shocked and saddened by this discovery. We are praying that this is an innocent murmur but, equally, we are preparing ourselves for it being something more sinister. Salem will return to the vet for further investigations in a few weeks.

I contacted the breeder to inform her of my vets findings. Salem had two vet visits for vaccinations whilst with the breeder with no mention of a heart murmer. I will be contacting the breeders vet when it opens to discuss this.

I am also chasing up the free 5 week insurance that should have been provided with Salem, which I have not yet received as if there is a serious problem with Salem, then the insurance I took out a week ago when I collected Salem will not be adequate as all illness is excluded for the first 14 days.

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