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Transporting your cat

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

When transporting your cat anywhere, be it a cattery or for a veterinary appointment, never travel with the cat loose in the car – always use a robust carrier. Choose you cat carrier carefully – cardboard, for example, is no match for a determined cat! The carrier should be easy to clean (preferably plastic or plastic-coated) and should not be so large that the cat can fall about in it. A carrier that opens at the top is much easier to use as the cat can be gently lifted in or out. Cover the carrier with a cloth or towel during the journey to keep the cat calm. Always secure the carrier in the car, either in a footwell or on a seat (with a seatbelt) so it cannot move. It's a good idea to place the carrier on a towel/padding to keep it level in the car and to absorb any ‘accidents’. Remember to drive carefully and gently to avoid the cat being thrown around. Stay calm so the cat doesn’t pick up stress from you.

Be reassuring and avoid loud noises. On arrival, avoid rushing. Keep your cat in the carrier and hold it carefully – avoid swinging the carrier or banging it against objects or your legs.

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