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Licence Number: AWL0213

Hocus Pocus Cat Hotel is the perfect retreat for your feline friends


Hocus Pocus Cat Hotel is a purpose built luxury cat hotel set in the beautiful village of Cavendish, Suffolk. Cavendish sits on the A1092 midway between Clare and Long Melford, only 15 minutes from Sudbury and 20 minutes from Haverhill.


Family Run with Individual Care

Being a small, family owned and run cat hotel ensures that we get to know every guest personally, so they can have as much fuss and attention as they need to enjoy a relaxing stay.  We are able to adjust our routine to suit each individual guest.  


Having the cat hotel nestled within our wildlife friendly garden, means you can relax knowing that we are always on site to ensure our guests are comfortable and well cared for at all times.  

Heated Accommodation

All our feline guests are allocated their own double size suite, spacious enough for two cats from the same family. Should you wish to have even more space for your cats or board up to 4 cats, we are able to open up two of our inter-connecting suites to create an 8' wide family suite with a choice of two sleeping areas.

Each suite has a walk-in chalet style bedroom area which is fully insulated and heated with thermostatically controlled pet safe heating and two different height UPVC shelves. Please see our Gallery page for photos of our accommodation.

Exercise Area

Each 6' exercise run can be reached through either the cat flap or window from the sleeping area. A climbing ladder leads to a raised seating area and a scratching post or cat tree.  We have a variety of interactive toys available for our guests to use, many of these are from the Catit range.  We have light up sensory ball toys, feeding enrichment such as food trees and diggers along with dangler toys, which most cats seem to enjoy playing with. 


Full height sneeze barriers between each suite keep our guests happy and healthy whilst in our care.  

Safety Corridor

All suites are accessed from a safety corridor to ensure our guests are safe and secure and that risk of escape is eliminated. 

High Standards

I am proud to say that Hocus Pocus Cat Hotel has been built to the highest standards, you can find out more by viewing our Aiming High section. I sometimes use Pet Remedy for cats that have not used a cattery before, this is a natural treatment for pet stress & anxiety. With its unique blend of essential oils, including Valerian, it is clinically proven to calm pets.


I take the health and welfare of all guests very seriously, having strict hygiene routines in place and a dedicated kitchen. I use Anigene high level disinfectant to deep clean pens before and after each guest, along with all toys, climbing trees and beds. Disinfectant is also added when washing any bedding used by our guests. Food bowls are washed and disinfected after each use. For daily use and spot cleans in occupied pens I use Safe4 disinfectant cleaner which is pet safe.

With regard to litter trays, I use the Brit-Pet System with wood pellets, most cats take to this really well.  We do have Catsan as an alternative if you think your cat would prefer this.


Fully licensed by West Suffolk Council and with insurance through Clivertons.

I have achieved the following Ofqual regulated qualifications:

  • Diploma in Feline Care, Behaviour and Welfare, ​Level 3

  • Animal Licensing Inspector Award (RQF) Level 3

Should you have any questions or would like to make a booking or viewing, please do not hesitate to contact me, Joanne Herbert, on 07922 665131 or email me:

Image by Himanshu Choudhary
Animal Love Certificate ONLINE FELINE Joanne Herbert
Business Management Cert
Level 3 Diploma
COVID 19 Certificate
Covid 19 Certificate
Aiming High
Ragdoll Cat

Aiming High

5 gold stars

We have built our cat hotel to meet the Higher Standards as specified by DEFRA and the Animal Activities Star Rating System.

To qualify as meeting the higher standards, the cattery needs to achieve all of the required higher standards as well as a minimum of 50% of the optional higher standards.

We meet 100% of both required and optional higher standards.  We are pleased to have been awarded five stars, which is the highest star rating we can receive.


  • Staffing levels will be up to 1 full-time equivalent attendant per 20 cats kept or a higher ratio of qualified staff. 

  • Cats must be provided with a design and layout that provides them with choice. This can be achieved by, for example, inclusion of raised platforms.

  • Temperature in the sleeping environment must be above 18°C.

  • All individual cats must be inspected at least once at an appropriate interval during the out of hours period (e.g. 1800-0800).

  • Where more than one cat share a unit daily behavioural observations are recorded – these should especially focus on any signs of stress/aggression.

  • A competent person must be on site at all times.

  • Units must be 1.5 times the minimum areas stated. The calculation of the total area available can include raised areas.

  • Each cat must have access to at least two raised areas – one of which must be in the sleeping area and one must be in the exercise area.  

  • There must be completely opaque sneeze barriers rather than translucent up to 600mm and behind any shelves.

  • Where applicable, there must be a completely separate unit for any other activities such as rescue or breeding.



  • A member of staff with an OFQUAL regulated Level 3 qualification in a relevant subject must be present during the working day.

  • Ventilation must be a managed, fixed or portable, air system to ensure appropriate temperatures are maintained in all weathers. This can be an air conditioning unit or use of removable fans.

  • Provision must include a choice of hiding places and different levels/shelves.  

  • Behavioural observations must be recorded daily.

  • Designated on site isolation facilities must be available and must follow the same size and facility requirements as normal cattery unit. 

Hocus Pocus Cat Hotel is listed in the British Catteries Directory.

Joanne Herbert, owner of Hocus Pocus Cat Hotel, is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office

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